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FireWater Restoration Services Can Fully Restore Your Home or Business From Any Sewage Damage

If your home or office has had a sewer line problem that has resulted in a sewage flood or leakage, it is crucial that you work with a professional cleanup team to ensure that any contamination has been dealt with thoroughly and competently. A fully certified Seattle sewer damage cleanup service provider, like ours at FireWater Restoration Services, will have the knowledge and experience to not only restore your home and office but will also be able to help you inhibit the growth of dangerous mold and prevent further contamination.

Our Seattle water damage experts have the experience needed to handle even the most robust sewage damage. Call us today at (206) 736-0749.

Sewage Cleanup & Restoration Requires Great Attention to Detail

Dealing with a sewage problem can be complicated and addressing the water damage is just one part of the process. In addition to extracting any flood water and drying, you also need to ensure that the affected areas are sanitized. Furthermore, a sewage leak or flood can also result in a contaminated water supply, endangering your health. Because of the potential risks associated with an untreated sewage problem, all areas affected by the leak must be addressed. If you are unsure of how to proceed with a sewer damage cleanup, calling a restoration professional is an excellent first step.

Health Risks of Sewage Backup in a Basement

Sewage backup can be potentially devastating for your home, but it’s particularly dangerous in your basement where it can’t quickly and easily be carried away to your main sewer connection or septic system. If sewage backs up in your basement, not only is there the risk of a potential overspill that can be a real pain to clean up, but there are also some serious health risks involved. Whether it’s from a burst pipe, a leak outside your basement’s walls, or any other source, you need to take particular care and caution when cleaning up raw sewage.

Raw sewage can contain a ton of different forms of bacteria, including some harmful strains, viruses, and other potential pathogens which could cause serious illness. Even a small amount of exposure can cause sickness, so it’s extremely important that you treat the issue with respect and caution. Avoid making contact with raw sewage with your bare skin if at all possible, always wear protective equipment for your ears, eyes, nose, and mouth, and be sure to thoroughly wash yourself when containment is done.

Tips for Raw Sewage Cleanup: 

  • Wear long-sleeves, pants, work boots, and rubber gloves at the very minimum. If you have access to rubber waders, use them. Also wear eye protection and a mask over your mouth.
  • Turn off any water and gas lines running through your basement before starting to work. This will help prevent any possible contamination to the lines.
  • Air circulation is key. This not only helps wet spots dry faster, but reduces the smell and makes the job much more pleasant. Open your door and all windows in your basement for maximum airflow.
  • Remove any damaged items from your basement. Use trash bags to safely contain smaller items and plastic wrap for larger items. Get help from a second person with moving larger items, as it may involve having to carry it through the house. Make sure you have a safe route planned out and protected. Consider using plastic sheeting, much like painters would.
  • Use a wet/dry shop vacuum connected to a grounded outlet to remove the raw sewage. When the canister of the vacuum is full, dump the contents into a sewage system or into a toilet and flush regularly.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a hose to rinse your basement walls and floor. Removing the sewage is your first priority, so direct it to your basement drain using a steady stream of water. If you have drywall in your basement, avoid using a pressure washer.
  • Discard all non-washable items that have come in contact with sewage. Do not hesitate to do this—sewage can have devastating effects on your health, so you don’t want to keep any traces of it around.

The professionals from FireWater Restoration Services can help you when your basement becomes contaminated by raw sewage due to a broken line or other disaster. Give us a call and get the help you need with restoring your home back to normal.

The FireWater Restoration Services Difference

Whether you need help with a small leak or your office has been flooded by a broken sewer line, our sewer damage cleanup specialists in Seattle have seen it all and can handle any job, no matter the size.

Our Experienced Sewer Damage Cleanup Experts Provide:

  • Emergency services 24/7
  • Free estimates on all cleanup and restoration work
  • Billing sent directly to your insurance company
  • Assistance from fully-certified water and fire damage professionals
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment and techniques

Your Cleaning & Restoration Solution For Sewage Water Damage

Sewer problems can happen without warning and leave you with an overwhelming issue. In addition to our Seattle sewage cleanup services, we also offer full restoration services, including content cleanup and storage, and full move-back services. We will even return your items and furniture to their original locations! At FireWater Restoration Services, we are proud to bring residential and commercial customers efficient, professional services across King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

Has a burst sewer line left you with a monumental mess? Call our Seattle sewer damage cleanup team for help at (206) 736-0749.

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