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Thermal Imaging Inspection In Seattle

Identify Water Damage & Sources Of Moisture In Your Home Or Business

At FireWater Restoration Services, we know how important it is to thoroughly treat and restore a home or business after it has suffered water damage. One way we do this is by employing state-of-the-art technologies such as thermal imaging. This innovative solution enables us to pinpoint moisture and sources of water damage in a non-invasive, cost-effective manner. If you think your home has unseen water damage, call FireWater Restoration Services to schedule a thermal imaging inspection in Seattle or nearby.

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What Is Thermal Imaging?

Because unseen water damage has the potential to compromise the integrity of your home or office building, being able to see what’s going on inside a structure is essential. However, it’s costly and impractical to tear down walls and dig into flooring. This is where thermal imaging comes in. Using infrared cameras, our thermal imaging experts can see where potential problems exist and even locate source points for leaks and dampness that can lead to damage and mold growth.

Further Benefits Of Thermal Imaging Include:

  • Locating existing and potential problems in a structure in a non-invasive manner
  • Identifying the source of water leaks and other water intrusions quickly
  • Identifying areas plagued by moisture so that they can be eradicated
  • A more energy efficiency testing

Infrared thermal imaging is an important tool that enables us to see all aspects of your property and identify potential issues before they escalate into large, costly problems.

FireWater Restoration Services Has Your Best Interests In Mind

As a local business since 2005, we are proud to offer residential, commercial, and industrial property owners in Seattle and throughout King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties the best water and fire damage cleanup and restoration services, including thermal imaging inspections. This cutting-edge technology enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to disasters such as fires and floods, giving us the opportunity to provide customers with superior services that help them save as much of their property as possible. If, after a thermal imaging inspection, problems are found, our water and fire damage restoration experts will guide you in selecting the cleanup and repair services that best fit your needs.

To learn more about our thermal imaging services in Seattle, call FireWater Restoration Services at (206) 736-0749.

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